Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I should really know better

Why oh why am I unfaithful to you,  Target?  It all starts with that errant thought, that maybe Walmart will have what I am looking for in a bit bigger package, with a little better price.  As I’m driving there, I’m questioning myself, thinking I shouldn’t do it and that I may regret it, yet I still pull into that retched parking lot.

Oh the parking lot.  The chaos that is Walmart always starts in the parking lot.  There is always the parking lot vulture.  You know the one camped out waiting for that person’s spot who has just barely started to unload their cart full of bags, all the while blocking the whole lane.

After managing to get past that, I still venture into the store.  I ask myself yet again, why?  There’s a little voice in my head yelling at me to go home!  Go back to Target where it’s safe!  But no, I persevere, thinking that I’ll save myself some money.  I now come to the cramped aisles that is the hallmark of Walmart.  The powers that be must think that all the crap right in the middle of the aisle will be a great way to help the traffic flow by only letting one cart through on a side at a time.  This doesn’t encourage the typical Walmart shopper to move along though, so all the others behind them can get through.  It just means that you should stop and look at whatever catches your fancy, because no one in the crowd that is now blocked behind you could possibly be in a hurry, could they?

Ahh, I’ve found what I’m looking for and am heading to Walmart’s one saving grace—their self checkouts.  I’m almost done!  As I’m on my way out of the store and back into the light I can’t help but notice all the many carts parked haphazardly all over the parking lot.  Hmmm, I guess that just means that you don’t have to clean up after yourself, someone else gets to.  Except that they’re not, and the parking lot is a mess.

As I’m pulling away I promise myself to never stray from Target again!  The next time I walk into Target, that well-lit, clean, and wide-aisled store, I may just give it a hug, and tell it that I won’t ever stray again!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011