Friday, April 29, 2011

Off Track Fun

I was going to post about the pedicures that Squanner and I got yesterday, but I can’t get to my pictures from my laptop right now. (Long story, and Hubby better fix it!) 

**Instead, I’m going to interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post with one about the royal wedding!!**

Those that know me well know that I’m a sucker for royalty and I’m in heaven if there’s a wedding!  Thankfully technology has progressed in the last 30 years, so I didn’t have to get up at 4 in the morning to watch it!  I had it recorded so I could watch it this morning.  And I did just that as soon as I woke up!  I tore myself away for few minutes to make TRMinator’s lunch, sent him off to school, then watched some more.  I think I watched the wedding at least twice, maybe more with all the internet coverage that I saw. 

I loved everything.  I thought the dress was pretty, I thought it was great that William drove he and Kate to Clarence House after the luncheon at Buckingham Palace (totally breaking with tradition!), and I loved that they rode in carriages after the wedding.  Really, what is there not to love about a royal wedding?  Nothing, if you ask me! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011


My youngest two are off track right now, much to TRMinator’s consternation.  He is on a traditional schedule now that he is in Junior High, and he gets a bit bent out of shape when the other two are off track and he still has to go to school every day.  I’m sure that he will be elated when he is done for the summer and they still have a month left of school.

While the younger ones have been off track they have been in swimming lessons.  G-man is not very confident in the water, so I have had them in swimming lessons every time they have been off track this year.  This time he had a different teacher who I think he pushed him a bit more, which I was completely fine with.  He seemed to get it a bit more this time and he actually went off the diving board!  Sometimes even willingly!



He actually wanted to go back every day, and for G-man, that is a big accomplishment.



Oh, and in case you were wondering, I got my final grade in my Critical Approaches to Literature class…

I got an A!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011


There have been several times today when I have stopped and thought, “Hmmm, don’t I have a paper I need to be working on?”

The answer to that would be a resounding, “NO!!!”

I have to admit, it’s a bit weird to look around and see all my stacks of books that I have been using for my papers gone.  I returned the last stack to the library on Saturday.  Now all that’s left is to anxiously await my final grades.  Oh dear!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

We’re the idiots!

I am referred to (I would like to assume affectionately) as the water nazi in our neighborhood.  I hate it when people waste water and water their lawns unnecessarily.  Mostly because our yard is the low spot for all the surrounding houses, so we get everyone’s water when they over-water.  It seems like when people think their grass looks a little ill, they think they need to water more.  Throw some more water on it!  That will fix it!  Right?

Our secondary water came on a couple days ago.  I told several people, “Watch.  Once the water comes on, people will be watering their lawns even though the snow has just barely melted.  People can be such idiots!”  Well guess what?  WE’RE THE IDIOTS!!

I was taking out the trash last night (after a very long editing session with my very patient husband-- my paper is due today and I’m still not happy with it) and saw our sprinklers going!  After slapping my forehead in disbelief, I ran quickly back inside to shut them off before any of my neighbors could see that we’re the idiots with their sprinklers on already!  

I have been thinking for the last several days that I needed to make sure that the sprinklers were turned off, but I kept forgetting.  Well, they’re off now!  And they are sure to stay that way for at least a month!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Praise the who?

Ages ago, before I moved to Utah, my grandma used to babysit a cute little girl named Betsy and her little brother David.  When it was a beautiful day outside, she would ask Betsy, “Praise the who?”  Betsy would answer, “Praise the Wouwd!”  (That was Betsy speak for praise the Lord!)

Well, let me tell you, today was a “Praise the Lord!” kind of day.  After several inches inches of snow and rain over that last several days, the sun finally decided to make an appearance and the temperature finally got over 50 degrees.  Today gave me hope that spring might finally be here.  Of course, I think we are supposed to get another storm tomorrow.  At least it was nice while we had it!

Just as a side note, this is the last week of this semester.  Maybe, just maybe I’ll still have some creative juices left and I can come up with blog entries again.  You never know!!