Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas goodies!

I finished our neighbor gifts today.  I think they turned out pretty cute.

Christmas goodies 008


Squanner also has been dying to make something with her new chef gear that her Aunt Tracy made her for Christmas.  So we made some cupcakes.

Christmas goodies 015

Christmas goodies 016

Christmas goodies 019

The holiday baking is all done!  Now for a collective, “Woot! Woot!”

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree…

Christmas FHE 057

Those of you that know me well know that I take a certain pride in my Christmas tree.  There isn’t very many things that I consider myself to be adept at, or to do particularly well, but I do like how my tree usually turns out.  I’m very picky about what goes on it. The ornaments that I use either have to be in the color scheme of that particular year, or be important to me.

A few of my favorites:

Christmas Ornaments 2010


I love my tree, and I love looking at it during the Christmas season.  I am, however, usually ready for it to come down about 2 days after Christmas.  I can only take a disrupted room for so long!!

Better post coming soon!

So, I have been reminded (chastised, scolded, whatever you would like to call it) that I haven’t posted anything new for awhile.  I have an idea of something, but I have to wait for Hubby to get home to help me with Photoshop.  I swear, no matter how many times he shows me how to work that program, I can never remember the next time I sit down to do something with it.  Hopefully I will have something up later tonight or tomorrow.  Stay tuned!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The G-man strikes again!

Let me preface this post by saying oh, how I love my G-man.  Our house would not be the same without him.  I love his cute little smile and most of his antics make me laugh.  There are times, however when I want to wring his warm, cuddly little neck!

A month or so ago, he came down the hall from his primary class at church with the tips of his church shoes ruined.  He had somehow peeled the top layer of the pleather of his shoe off of the toe part.  Of course we had the discussion with him about how he was ruining his shoes and he’d better leave them alone at this point.  I decided not to get him new ones because they still fit him and I thought if I just put some brown shoe polish on the bare part, it would camouflage it.

He left them alone until last week.

Recital 025

As he left his primary class, the shoes were even more peeled and the light tan part of the newly peeled shoe seemed to scream at me against the dark brown. (See where I tried to put the polish on and fix them?)

I sighed, shook my head, and let Hubby deal with it.

As part of his punishment, Hubby told him he has to help pay for the new shoes that we were now going to have to get.  So he had G-man bring him his wallet and empty it.

T-day, lights 076

Including all of his quarters, he had a total of $7.00 to his name.  I decided that I was going to throw a little bit of torture in with the punishment and make him go shopping with me for his new shoes.  (G-man HATES shopping!)

Well, after only going to one store (we found some at the first store!  I was hoping it would take longer than that!)  we got him new church shoes and he has promised not to ruin this pair.  We’ll see how long that lasts!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Impatient? Me? No!!

You might say that that my impatience factor goes up around Christmas.  But I say that it’s not me so much as it is everyone else around me!  I decided the other day while I was waiting in line at the drive thru at the bank that if everyone could be a little more like me, things would go so much smoother!   (That’s not conceited, is it?  Ha! Ha!)

Let me illustrate:  I try to be efficient in everything that I do.  I watched the tellers at the bank laugh with each other and walk around like there was no big rush to anything.  I’m all for having fun at work, but when there are at least two cars lined up in every lane, the need to get transactions expedited overrules your right to just mosey around and  laugh and have a good time with your coworkers. 

I also try to be aware of the people around me so that I’m not in anyone’s way or blocking anyone from getting where they need to go.  Hubby and I took TRMinator to The Forgotten Carols the other night.  It was held at the Dee Events Center, which is a big basketball stadium.  As we were sitting in our prime, on the basketball floor seating, I was looking around at everyone around me.  I saw a group of girls taking pictures of each other to commemorate the event.  The one taking the pictures was standing in the aisle while the group being photographed was up against the gate with the stadium floor as the backdrop.  That was all fine and good, but there were people behind them waiting to get to their seats.  As I watched, she took the picture, then looked at it for a minute to make sure it looked good, then had to switch to someone else’s camera to take another one, and so forth for at least 3 camera’s.  Meanwhile the line behind them is building up for people waiting to get to their seats.  Sometimes I just want to scream, “People!  You are not the only one in this world!  You have to share your space with lots of other people!  Wake up and be considerate to those around you!  Seriously!”

I’m afraid the tendency for people to only worry about themselves and not care about anyone else multiplies at Christmas and it drives me nuts!  I think I should probably just stay at home or else I may end up killing someone!  Better yet, I’ll get all my errands done first thing in the morning, when no one else is out yet!

Friday, December 3, 2010

4.0, baby!

Hubby and I have an inside joke in our family.  Both our cars have a 4.0 L engine, so when we have to gun it to make a gap in traffic, or something like that, we say to each other, “It’s a 4-oh, baby!”   Of course, his car is a Mustang, (super charged one at that) so it goes just a bit faster than my Explorer.

That would not be the 4.0 that I am referring to in this particular post, though. 

I would be referring to my grade point average for this semester!

Yes, my grades were posted today, and I got an A!!!!  Woo!  Hoo!  I am so excited! 

Now, to keep it going for next semester!

Goodbye my little friend

002                                                                  My little friend


I put away my backpack this week.  I’m actually a little sad about that!  I’m done with my class and I’m taking all online classes next semester, so I won’t need it for awhile.  I’m kind of bummed!

I’m a little sad that I’m done with my class!  I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by and that I manage to make it though with flying colors. (I’m pretty sure, grades aren’t out yet!)

I have mixed feelings about next semester.  I originally wanted to take just one online class and one class on campus, but it just worked out to take both online.  I kind of like getting out and actually going to class.  I like having the option of talking to the professor after class if there is something that I need a little help with.  I guess I just feel more like a real student if I am in an actual classroom.  

At least I have the month of December off from school so I don’t have to be doing homework while trying to get ready for Christmas!