Saturday, April 14, 2012

Maybe she is just a planner

I like to have a plan for most things in my life.  The idea of having a plan in place for most things tends to settle me down.  Maybe my little Squanner is just trying to be a planner like me.

Squanner has a locket necklace that she got from my grandma.  She has been telling me ever since she got it that she wants to put some pictures in there.  I haven’t gotten around to it because they will have to be very small pictures, and I just don’t print pictures out very much anymore.  The other day she told Hubby that she wants to get one picture of me and one picture of Hubby to put in each side of the locket so that she will have pictures of us to remind her what we look like when we are dead. 

Wait… what??!!!

Apparently she is already planning for the day when we are gone and she needs pictures of us to remember what we look like.  Seriously!!  If that girl doesn’t stop trying to kill me off, we are going to have some issues!

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