Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another Trip to the Dentist

We had to make another trip to the dentist last week for yet some more teeth pulling.  This time the victim patient was Squanner, and she knew going into it that she was going to have some teeth pulled.  She was okay with it because 1) she’s usually braver than G-man, and 2) she really wanted the tooth fairy to come visit her.  We have heard on a number of occasions how she’s,” the only one in the whole family who hasn’t lost any teeth.”  Yes, sometimes the world is very unfair to my poor little Squanner.  Anyway, she was a brave little girl and this was the end result.

Brittney wedding weekend 029

She has that lovely tooth that was coming in behind her baby tooth, and the orthodontist wanted both the front ones pulled.  It’s only been a week and that permanent tooth is already moving forward. 

I’ll admit, it’s kind of fun watching her talk with those teeth missing.

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